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The Recommended Kite Surfing Study Club in Eilat

For beginners and advanced with the most professional teaching staff that will throw you high, we only use quality equipment,

Safe and advanced from NOBILE
– Each student is insured throughout the course

And at the end of the course – a certification certificate from a company – the International Kitboard Organization

Our courses

Why study with us?

By air at sea and on land

Kate Surfing Eilat in a winning location with the best guides.

Samuel Aaronson

Owner & guide
Foil Surfing, Kate Surfing

Felix Schwer

The soul of the club

Johnny Popoch

Owner and guide
Foil Surfing, Kate Surfing


Renowned personal and professional guides in the surfing industry who will lead you straight to the world of surfing - Kate Surfing, Wing and the Foil and with the professional and quality equipment


Safety above all with quality and safe equipment and proper and safe surfing and we will take all precautions.


You have registered but want to continue studying at the center, of course we have the option and you can continue studying with us at the center.


We adapt ourselves to all market prices and of course we also have deals at a very affordable price!

For your question ...

According to our self-belief, the best way to enter the field is to take a package of 5 lessons, in which you will receive close guidance and improvement of the learning curve.

3 lessons provide the basics, and the other 2 lessons assimilate them, strengthen them and enable further learning.

The first three lessons provide surfing skills that allow for the beginning of independent practice.
On average, a person needs another 10 hours of practice in order to be able to get in and out of that point in the water.

This is an extreme sport and that is why it is so important when entering the field to take an orderly course that addresses all safety issues and that is exactly what we do.

Yes, absolutely! We work in collaboration with a certified IKO instructor in Ashdod who can provide a solution for completion and enrichment.

If there are no chronic illnesses or orthopedic problems that prevent athletic activity it should not be a problem to complete the course successfully.

Definitely! Nobile's service centers in Israel are located in the central part of the country.

Of course … our guides will be happy to help you get better and also enter the worlds of freestyle, foil and kite surfing with a surfboard.

If you arrived at the class and the conditions are not suitable for surfing, a new class will be arranged for a suitable date and in case the time does not suit you because you will not stay in Eilat, you can complete the class in the center of the country or alternatively get a credit for the class.

Accommodation is available and can be booked in addition to an option course for accommodation in caravans or holiday units.

Groups of 3 people or more, there are prices with discount.

No need for strength in the hands, nor high physical fitness. But yes there are some basic conditions:

Full Kate equipment can be purchased



Board, Kite, Hydrofoil, Bar & Bag made by Nobile

Need a Kate repair?


We offer full-service kite repair and any damage to fabric or tissue repair,

All repairs are done with modern professional equipment

Consultation and equipment  testing are also done on site

with the best materials!


Such as Kate TPU tissue  fabricand repair & Bydons material 

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